Jiaguang Li

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MacroH2A is the most frequently altered histone, which participates in cancer progression. Increasing evidence demonstrates that cancer progression could be regulated by macroH2A by affecting the cell cycle. In the present study, it was demonstrated that macroH2A suppresses melanoma cell progression and the molecular mechanisms underlying this process were(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the safe method with anhydrous ethanol injection in the treatment of venous malformation.
 METHODS A total of 96 patients with venous malformation were conducted anhydrous ethanol injection for 245 times through percutaneous puncture by three-point method. The complications were observed. In animal experiment, according to the(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine drug dose and usage of timolol maleate eye drops in the treatment of superficial infantile hemangioma.
 Methods: A total of 250 superficial hemangioma infants were recruited and assigned into 5 groups (n=50 for each group): an external application group and 4 exterior coating groups (2, 4, 6, 8 times per day). We evaluated the(More)
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