Jiagao Chen

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The two-component system (TCS) is an important signal transduction component for most bacteria. This signaling pathway is mediated by histidine kinases via autophosphorylation between P1 and P4 domains. Taking chemotaxis protein CheA as a model of TCS, the autophosphorylation mechanism of the TCS histidine kinases has been investigated in this study by(More)
Peptides identified by the PD method against a film surface composed of azobenzene-containing synthetic polymers were characterized by QCM measurements. Among the four peptides analyzed, the c16 peptide with the sequence Trp-His-Thr-Leu-Pro-Asn-Ala showed the highest binding affinity to the films rich in cis-azobenzene groups. SPR served to determine the(More)
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