Jiafeng Zhu

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Outsourcing private data and heavy computation tasks to the cloud may lead to privacy breach as attackers (e.g., malicious outsiders or cloud administrators) may correlate any relevant information to penetrate information of their interests. Therefore, how to preserve cloud users' privacy has been a top concern when adopting cloud solutions. In this paper,(More)
—Optical networks are ideal candidates for the future intra-and inter-data center networks, due to their merits of high throughput, low energy consumption, high reliability, and so on. Optical network virtualization is a key technology to realize the deployment of various types of network-based applications on a single optical network infrastructure.(More)
Fog computing has emerged as a promising technology that can bring the cloud applications closer to the physical IoT devices at the network edge. While it is widely known what cloud computing is, and how data centers can build the cloud infrastructure and how applications can make use of this infrastructure, there is no common picture on what fog computing(More)