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Vehicle classification plays an important role in intelligent transport system. However, because the conventional vehicle classification methods are not robust to variations such as illumination, weather, noise, and the classification accuracy cannot meet the requirements of practical applications. Therefore, a new vehicle classification method using(More)
Can adults make fair moral judgments when individuals with whom they have different relationships are involved? The present study explored the fairness of adults' relationship-based moral judgments in two respects by performing three experiments involving 999 participants. In Experiment 1, 65 adults were asked to decide whether to harm a specific person to(More)
Person re-identification (re-id) aims to match a specific person across non-overlapping views of different cameras, which is currently one of the hot topics in computer vision. Compared with image-based person re-id, video-based techniques could achieve better performance by fully utilizing the space-time information. This paper presents a novel video-based(More)
Most image dehazing methods are based on the dichromatic atmospheric scattering model. However, this model cannot explain blurring effects. In this paper, we present a detail loss compensating model, based on the analysis of multiple scattering model. By assuming that the foggy image has less detail than the image captured on a clear day, we use the(More)