Jiafan Zhang

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A new mechanical gas-tight sampler has been designed to collect hydrothermal fluids at the seafloor. A key feature of the sampler is the novel sample valve which is pressure balanced under deep sea, and actuated by the ram on a submersible's manipulator. The sampler is designed to be deployed at the seafloor 3000 m underwater and can be used to sample(More)
The industrial robot plays an increasingly important role in manufacturing industry, but it is limited by its high prerequisite of programming on users, which is time consuming and challenging. In this context, a mechanism enabling autoprogram of robot is desired. Learning from demonstration system (LDS) is one of systems that aim on this goal. In this(More)
A lead-through robot programming solution with a 6-DOF motion tracking device is presented. The motion tracking device is flexible-linked and can be fixed on the end-effector of a robot to realize lead-through teaching. The programming solution covers data acquiring from the six string sensors of the motion tracking device, data processing, kinematical(More)
Small part assembly (SPA) in 3C industry is considered as the next giant market for the industrial robots, which have proven to be more cost effective in terms of flexibility, repeatability, and with new functions offer improved accuracy. However, high product volume in a quite short product lifecycle, short leading time for new product, and low added value(More)
Industrial robot is proven to be more cost effective in terms of flexibility, repeatability, and with new functions offer improved accuracy. Since the parts produced in a robotic cell are identical, it is sufficient to determine the sequence of robot moves, in case of single- or dual-gripper, to implement the tasks. How to achieve the maximum/near-maximum(More)
The prevalence of mobile crowd sensing (MCS) facilitates the collection of large-scale sensing data. There are many MCS platforms developed in various aspects. But there are few existing MCS platforms used for public facility. In this paper, we propose a crowd sensing platform for public facility management. Participants use their smart phones to collect(More)
Urban sensing and computing has become hot with the recent surge of Internet of Things, smart phones, and mobile social networks. Complementary to static sensing infrastructure, mobile crowd sensing (MCS) has become an important way to achieve large-scale urban sensing. However, few studies pay attention to public sensing to improve city management. In this(More)
Robot-centered cells play a more and more important role in the fields of incorporate automation and repetitive processing in order to increase productivity and to improve quality. In practice, it is always desired to achieve maximum/near-maximum throughput in a robotic cell. Sometimes, even a small improvement in throughput will be one of the highlighted(More)
This paper presents a collaborative method to make full use of the advantages of CAD and CAR (Computer aided robot) software in industrial robotic application. CAR software is a necessary tool in robotic cell design with robot programming and robotic cell/line performance simulation with imported CAD model. However, due to the lack of efficient channel(More)