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Studying blindness with various onset ages may elucidate the ways that unimodal sensory deprivation at different periods of development shape the human brain. In order to determine the effect of the onset age on brain anatomical networks, we extended a previous study of 17 early blind (EB) subjects with an additional 97 subjects with various onset ages. We(More)
The upregulation of chemokine genes and the subsequent T-lymphocyte recruitment to the graft are early events in the development of acute cardiac transplant rejection or cardiac allograft vasculopathy. In the present study, a combined immunosuppressive regimen of C-X-C motif chemo-kine 9 (CXCL9) antibody (Ab), CXCL10 Ab and FTY720 was used in order to(More)
BACKGROUND The effectiveness of preoperative thromboprophylaxis remains obscure in patients with femoral neck fracture. The purpose of the current study was to investigate whether these patients benefit from preoperative thromboprophylaxis. METHODS In this prospective, randomized controlled trial, a total of 80 patients with femoral neck fracture were(More)
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