Jiacheng Wang

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—In this paper, two high-speed and low-power I/O circuits are developed using through-silicon-interposer (TSI) for 2.5D integration of multi-core processor and memory in 65nm CMOS process. For a 3mm TSI interconnection of transmission line (T-line), the first I/O circuit is a low-voltage-differential-signal (LVDS) buffer and the second one is a(More)
Ordered mesoporous carbons (OMCs), obtained by nanocasting using ordered mesoporous silicas (OMSs) as hard templates, exhibit unique arrangements of ordered regular nanopore/nanowire mesostructures. Here, we used nanocasting combined with hot-pressing to prepare 10 wt% OMC/OMS/SiO2 ternary composites possessing various carbon mesostructure configurations of(More)
A low-voltage (LV) pulse-width modulated current-source converter (CSC) using reverse-blocking insulated gate bipolar transistor (RB-IGBT) devices is proposed in this paper for megawatt wind energy conversion systems (WECSs) with a permanent magnet synchronous generator. Benefiting from using the latest generation of reverse-blocking power semiconductors,(More)