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Stereoscopic image quality assessment method based on binocular combination saliency model
The objective quality assessment of stereoscopic images plays an important role in three-dimensional (3D) technologies. In this paper, we propose an effective method to evaluate the quality ofExpand
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Multimedia cloud transmission and storage system based on internet of things
For the issues of large space and storage security of multimedia files, we analyzed the impact of access control and cloud storage on multimedia file, and proposed a mixed security cloud storageExpand
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A Low-Power and Portable Biomedical Device for Respiratory Monitoring with a Stable Power Source
Continuous respiratory monitoring is an important tool for clinical monitoring. Associated with the development of biomedical technology, it has become more and more important, especially in theExpand
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Quality Index for Stereoscopic Images by Separately Evaluating Adding and Subtracting
The human visual system (HVS) plays an important role in stereo image quality perception. Therefore, it has aroused many people’s interest in how to take advantage of the knowledge of the visualExpand
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Classification model for code clones based on machine learning
Results from code clone detectors may contain plentiful useless code clones, but judging whether each code clone is useful varies from user to user based on a user’s purpose for the clone. In thisExpand
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Towards purity-guided refactoring in Java
Refactoring source code requires preserving a certain level of semantic behaviors, which are difficult to be checked by IDEs. Therefore, IDEs generally check syntactic pre-conditions instead beforeExpand
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Imperfect Information Dynamic Stackelberg Game Based Resource Allocation Using Hidden Markov for Cloud Computing
Existing static grid resource scheduling algorithms, which are limited to minimizing the makespan, cannot meet the needs of resource scheduling required by cloud computing. Current cloudExpand
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Fake News Mitigation via Point Process Based Intervention
We propose the first multistage intervention framework that tackles fake news in social networks by combining reinforcement learning with a point process network activity model. The spread of fakeExpand
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Objective quality assessment method of stereo images
Several metrics have been proposed in literature to assess the quality of 2D images, but the metrics devoted to quality assessment of stereoscopic images are very scarce. Therefore, in this paper, anExpand
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Quality Index for Stereoscopic Images by Jointly Evaluating Cyclopean Amplitude and Cyclopean Phase
With widespread applications of three-dimensional (3-D) technology, measuring quality of experience for 3-D multimedia content plays an increasingly important role. In this paper, we propose a fullExpand
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