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Supplier selection plays a vital role in the process of product development. The purpose of this research is to integrate the state of the art Web technologies with business theories to establish a Web-based distributed environment for supplier selection. A Web Services-oriented multi-possibility supplier selection system has been developed, which helps(More)
Modern power grid is a typical multi-level complex giant system. The conventional analytical methods based on reductionism can't provide sufficient guidance for its operation and management. Complex system theory, based on holism, has its specific advantages in power grid's research. But, it has some limitations. In this article, we improve complex grid by(More)
With the fast development of Internet and its data scale, B2B (Business to Business), whose speed and high availability advantage is based on Internet, is eroding more and more market share of traditional business. In recent years, the new data processing technologies, such as cloud computing, assure the enhancement of computer's computing capacity; it has(More)
With the fast development of Internet and data volume increase in Internet, Internet is playing more important role in information spreading in recent years. It is reported that social network is a typical complex network expressed with scale free degree. Emergency cases are happening more and more often in China and all over the world, the governments has(More)
Modern power system is a typical multi-level complex giant system consisting of physical infrastructures, human operators, and social resources, etc. The conventional analytical methods and simulation systems can't provide sufficient guidance for its operation and management, because they are mainly based on physical models, natural phenomenon, or other(More)
The availability of new technologies in the areas of digital electronics, communications, internet, and computer technologies opens a door to build a smart grid, which can increase significantly the capacity, services and intelligence of power systems. This paper proposes a power distribution network management cloud platform based on Tekla Xpower. Proposed(More)
Smart grid has been widely acknowledged around the world. The rapid development of complex network theory provides a new perception into the research of smart grid. Based on the latest progress in the field of complex network theory, smart grid can be treated as small world networks. This paper examines the tolerance of smart grid against attacks to analyze(More)
With the fast development of the market economy in China, the material management of the Power Enterprise Group has changed and met many challenges. On the other hand, with the fast increase of Internet and data scale, some problems of enterprise material management can be solved by using IT technologies, such as database. For examples, it can help(More)