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In order to meet the contradictory needs coming from dynamic and tracking accuracy, a novel 2-order Phase Lock Loop (PLL) with frequency and phase dual assistance is proposed based on the introduction of DFT phase difference algorithm. The frequency estimation is used to set the center frequency of NCO to make the PLL work in fast pull-in range. According(More)
Because of the relation with Fourier transform, the bispectrum also has fence effect, and this brings error to frequency estimation based on bispectrum. To overcome this problem, bispectrum phase difference method is proposed. This method constructs two data sets from the sampled data and makes bispectrum analysis respectively. It uses their peak spectrum(More)
Aiming at the problem that the operation condition of space manipulator is very tough, which cannot afford large collision momentum. This paper proposes a new concept, called soft-contact technology. According to this technology, this paper designs a space manipulator joint configuration based on integrated double joints, and carries out simulation analysis(More)
Carrier delay ambiguity resolving is the essence to enable CEI (Connected Elements Interferometry) a high accurate measuring system. Two ways of resolving carrier delay ambiguity are discussed under different signal types in TT&C, including Δ DOR method and FX correlation method. According to 3σ rule, the requirement of difference phase(More)
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