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Optical character recognition system research has been acquired howling success, but the reconstruction of layout needs fonts of the characters. In this paper, a novel font recognition algorithm is proposed, which is based on multi-scale wavelet analysis. We adopt wavelet analysis and the grid method to deal with the character image, and extract wavelet(More)
Forecasting product demand has always been a crucial challenge for managers as they play an important role in making many business critical decisions such as production and inventory planning. These decisions are instrumental in meeting customer demand and ensuring the survival of the organization. This paper introduces a novel Fuzzy(More)
This paper proposes an online Bayesian Ying-Yang (OBYY) clustering algorithm, which is then applied to the fuzzy cerebellar model articulation controller (FCMAC). Inspired by ancient Chinese Ying-Yang philosophy, Xu’s Bayesian Ying Yang (BYY) learning has been successfully applied to clustering by harmonizing the visible input data (Yang) and the invisible(More)
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