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The finite-time control problem for one kind of linear singular systems subject to norm bounded time-varying parametric uncertainties and exogenous disturbances is considered. The main results provided are sufficient conditions for robust finite-time stabilization via state feedback. The conditions are then reduced to feasibility problems involving linear(More)
In this paper finite-time control problems for linear singular systems is subject to time-varying parametric uncertainties and exogenous disturbances. The main result provided is sufficiently reduced to a feasibility problem involving linear matrix inequalities (LMI) with one restriction condition. The detailed solution of such LMIs is given.
This paper considers the distributed optimal (i.e., linear minimum variance) fusion estimation problems for two classes of networked multi-sensor systems. In the first class of systems, the sensors' measurements are transmitted via unreliable digital communication networks (DCN) to local estimators for obtaining local estimates of the state. Then the local(More)
The distributed fusion robust H<inf>2</inf> and H<inf>&#x221E;</inf> filtering problems for discrete-time systems with polytopic uncertainty are investigated. Based on the existing results on the robust H<inf>2</inf> and H<inf>&#x221E;</inf> filtering problems for single-sensor systems, the sufficient conditions for existing of distributed fusion robust(More)
The distributed optimal fusion problem for the state estimation of multi-sensor discrete-time stochastic systems with additional state equality constraints is considered. After obtaining the filtering error cross covariance between local filters, by the distributed optimal fusion algorithm weighted by matrices, the constrained distributed optimal fusion(More)
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