Jiabin Liu

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Respiration of fine roots (R fr) plays a major role in belowground carbon cycles, but the relationships between R fr and biotic and abiotic factors during plant dormancy remain unclear. We used a standard chamber equipped with an infrared gas analyzer and configured as an open system to measure R fr of intact roots (<2 mm) of Caragana korshinskii in situ in(More)
The strength-ductility trade-off has been a long-standing dilemma in materials science. This has limited the potential of many structural materials, steels in particular. Here we report a way of enhancing the strength of twinning-induced plasticity steel at no ductility trade-off. After applying torsion to cylindrical twinning-induced plasticity steel(More)
—Minimal test cost attribute reduction is an important issue in cost-sensitive learning. Recently, an information gain based heuristic algorithm has been designed to this problem. However, the algorithm does not often find the optimal solution. In this paper, we develop an ant colony optimization algorithm to deal with this problem. First, the attribute set(More)
Test cost is often required to obtain feature values of an object. When this issue is involved, people are often interested in schemes minimizing it. In many data mining applications, due to economic, technological and legal reasons , it is neither possible nor necessary to obtain a classifier with 100% accuracy. There may be an industrial standard to(More)
Premature ovarian failure (POF) is a long-term adverse effect of chemotherapy treatment. However, current available treatment regimens are not optimal. Emerging evidence suggests that bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells (BMSCs) could restore the structure and function of injured tissues, but the homing and restorative effects of BMSCs on chemotherapy(More)
The responses of soil respiration to environmental conditions have been studied extensively in various ecosystems. However, little is known about the impacts of temperature and moisture on soils respiration under biological soil crusts. In this study, CO2 efflux from biologically-crusted soils was measured continuously with an automated chamber system in(More)
—Attribute reduction is a classical problem in rough sets. Test-cost-sensitive attribute reduction is a generalization of the problem. It aims to find a minimal test cost set which preserves the whole information of the decision system. Some heuristic reduction algorithms have been proposed to deal with it. However, the results are unsatisfactory especially(More)
BACKGROUND The purpose of this study was to compare diagnostic accuracy by using two types of monitors. METHODS Four radiologists with 10 years experience twice interpreted the films of 77 fracture cases by using the ViewSonic P75f+ and BARCO MGD221 monitors, with a time interval of 3 weeks. Each time the radiologists used one type of monitor to interpret(More)
It is generally considered that desert ecosystems release CO2 to the atmosphere, but recent studies in drylands have shown that the soil can absorb CO2 abiotically. However, the mechanisms and exact location of abiotic carbon absorption remain unclear. Here, we used soil sterilization, (13)CO2 addition, and detection methods to trace (13)C in the soil of(More)