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By using the method of modal expansions of the independent transverse fields, a formula of vector plane wave spectrum (VPWS) of an arbitrary polarized electromagnetic wave in a homogenous medium is derived. In this formula VPWS is composed of TM- and TE-mode plane wave spectrum, where the amplitude and unit polarized direction of every plane wave are(More)
A narrowband guided-mode resonance filter (GMRF) incorporating polymer-dispersed liquid crystal (PDLC) is designed. Simulating the characteristics of the filter with rigorous coupled-wave analysis, we find that the resonance wavelength of the new kind of GMRF can be tuned from 672.4 to 698.4 nm by varying the refractive index of the PDLC layer with the(More)
An analysis of the depth of field (DOF) of the wavefront coding imaging system with a cubic phase mask is presented. A necessary condition on the base of that MTF of wavefront coding system is defocus-independent is described. Then the extension ratio of the DOF relative to that of traditional optical system is calculated. And the conclusion is also(More)
The interface shape of two immiscible liquids in a conical chamber is discussed. The analytical solution of the differential equation describing the interface shape shows that the interface shape is completely spherical when the density difference of two liquids is zero. On the basis of the spherical-interface shape and an energy-minimization method,(More)
A novel design of a zoom lens system without motorized movements is proposed. The lens system consists of a fixed lens and two double-liquid variable-focus lenses. The liquid lenses, made out of two immiscible liquids, are based on the principle of electrowetting: an effect controlling the wetting properties of a liquid on a solid by modifying the applied(More)
Although the inverse Doppler effect has been observed experimentally at optical frequencies in photonic crystal with negative effective refractive index, its explanation is based on phenomenological theory rather than a strict theory. Elucidating the physical mechanism underlying the inverse Doppler shift is necessary. In this article, the primary(More)
A new two-dimensional (2D) photonic crystal (PC) structure with effective refractive index approaching -1, consisting of periodic array air holes in silicon, is proposed. The light radiated from a point source can form an image through a single wedge PC. Numerical results show that the half-width of the image reaches 0.44λ, which is lower than half of the(More)
By the Riemann method, a coupled wave model is derived for the ordinary-to-ordinary (OO) and extraordinary-to-extraordinary (EE) Bragg diffraction of a Gaussian beam by overlapping holographic gratings in a uniaxial crystal. The computer simulation is used to discuss the relations among the diffraction efficiency, the index modulation, the wavelength(More)
With the vector plane-wave spectrum and stationary phase method, a rigorous vector diffraction model of an aplanatic system when the polarized point source is at an arbitrary location on the optical axis is presented. The computer simulation is used to discuss in detail the effects of various angular semiapertures on the object and image sides on the(More)