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Monte Carlo (MC) ray-tracing for photo-realistic rendering often requires hours to render a single image due to the large sampling rates needed for convergence. Previous methods have attempted to filter sparsely sampled MC renders but these methods have high reconstruction overheads. Recent work has shown fast performance for individual effects, like soft(More)
Augmented and virtual reality have the potential of being indistinguishable from the real world. Holographic displays, including head mounted units, support this vision by creating rich stereoscopic scenes, with objects that appear to float in thin air - often within arm's reach. However, one has but to reach out and grasp nothing but air to destroy the(More)
Mosaic is a sketch-based system that simplifies and automates the creation of digital decorative mosaics from scratch. The creation of each tile piece of unique shape, color and orientation, in a complex mosaic is a tedious process. Our core contribution is two-fold: first, we present a new tile growing algorithm, that balances the shape and placement of(More)
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