JiaJun Lin

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The support vector machines are a widely used tool for classification. In this paper, firstly the method of selected features of Windows registry access recorder to construct detection data set was discussed and two kinds of feature representation methods adapted to SVM algorithm were described. Secondly, the algorithms of standard SVM that are used to(More)
The supervised learning based statistical detection is generally used in steganalysis. Compared to the specific detecting method, this method has the advantages of flexibility and ability to be quickly adjusted to new or completely unknown steganalytic method. Otherwise, it has the disadvantages in large-scale data, low calculate speed. Knowledge reduction(More)
This paper presents the recent research of capacity analysis based on the digital images. It emphasizes the capacity analysis of steganography in the security restrictions for different models of stego-channel. Finally, we classify the capacity analysis results, discuss the deficiencies of the existing methods and provide some next research aspects.
With the development of DSP technology and considerable decrease of the price, a powerful practice platform is provided for applications of the complicated algorithms, which could not be applied in practice before time. This paper introduces the application of three digital algorithms and their convergences, accuracy and stability to the signal noise and(More)
In information fusion system, many algorithms that possess performance characteristics are existed to solve a single problem. The usual approach in this situation is to manually select the algorithm which has the best average performance. However, this strategy has drawbacks when the whole information fusion procedure is divided into several steps. This(More)
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