JiaFeng Pang

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The appraisal of e-Government project success is significant to the healthy development of e-Government However, up till now, the appraisal framework of e-Government has been developed and studied for just a few years and is still in a nascent stage. Most of the appraisal models put forward by authoritative organizations are more suitable for the appraisal(More)
By incorporating Cytochrome c (peroxidase, Cyt c) into a skeleton of its corresponding synthetic MOF analogue (peroxidase mimic, CuBDC), approximately 12-fold catalytic efficiency (kcat/KM) enhancement is observed compared to free Cyt c. Meanwhile, the shield endowed by CuBDC prevents encapsulated enzymes from deactivation by trypsin digestion, thermal(More)
To develop a safer, more stable and potent formulation of gefitinib (GFB), micro-spheres of GFB encapsulated into poly (l-lactic acid) (PLLA) have been prepared by supercritical anti-solvent (SAS) technology in this study. Operating factors were optimized using a selected OA16 (45) orthogonal array design, and the properties of the raw material and SAS(More)
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