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A memetic algorithm MCLPSO based on the comprehensive learning PSO (CLPSO) is presented in this study. In MCLPSO, a chaotic local search operator is used and a Simulated Annealing (SA) based local search strategy is developed by combining the cognition-only PSO model with SA. The memetic scheme can enable the stagnant particles which cannot be improved by(More)
In this paper, cycle time prediction of wafer lots is studied. A memetic algorithm called GSMPSO by combining the PSO with a Gaussian mutation operator and a Simulated Annealing (SA)-based local search operator is developed to weight the features for K Nearest Neighbors (KNN) regression. The GSMPSO-KNN regression method is used to predict the cycle time of(More)
A collaborative optimization model is proposed to integrate the energy performance to the optimization of sintering burden. Firstly, the collaborative optimization problem in sintering burden is described, and then the association model between sinter raw material proportion, production parameter and energy consumption, drum index is provided using(More)
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