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Genetically modified (GM) rice expressing Bt toxins is at the edge of commercial release in China. However, little information is available concerning the impact of Bt rice on aquatic organisms which are abundant in paddy field. A two-year study was conducted to assess the effects of two GM rice lines expressing a fusion protein Cry1Ab/1Ac (Bt rice) on(More)
Due to wide input fluctuation with line frequency of 50 Hz, power-factor-correction (PFC) Boost converters tend to exhibit fast-scale instability over time domain. The traditional remedy is to impose slope compensation so as to weaken or eliminate this instability. A theoretical principle on the implementation of slope compensation signal is still lacking.(More)
We report on highly stretchable piezoelectric structures of electrospun PVDF-TrFE nanofibers. We fabricated nanofibrous PVDF-TrFE yarns via twisting their electrospun ribbons. Our results show that the twisting process not only increases the failure strain but also increases overall strength and toughness. The nanofibrous yarns achieved a remarkable energy(More)
The rice leafroller Cnaphalocrocis medinalis (Guenée) is a serious insect pest of rice with migratory ability. In this work, we studied the effects of age, temperature and reproductive status on the wing beat frequency (WBF). The longevity of this moth reached 30.6 days at 16 °C, which was significantly longer than that at 26 and 32 °C (10.7 and 8.8 days,(More)
Smart textiles are envisioned to make a paradigm shift in wearable technologies to directly impart functionality into the fibers rather than integrating sensors and electronics onto conformal substrates or skin in wearable devices. Among smart materials, piezoelectric fabrics have not been widely reported, yet. Piezoelectric smart fabrics can be used for(More)
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