Jia-xin Cai

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BACKGROUND Motivation is the impetus for patients to seek orthodontic treatment, affecting adherence, treatment outcomes, and satisfaction. The aim of this study was to assess the motivation of adult female patients seeking orthodontic treatment, and classify the patients according to their motivations. METHODS This study used Q-methodology as the main(More)
In this paper, a discriminative two-phase dictionary learning framework is proposed for classifying human action by sparse shape representations, in which the first-phase dictionary is learned on the selected discriminative frames and the second-phase dictionary is built for recognition using reconstruction errors of the first-phase dictionary as input(More)
Face recognition is challenging especially when the images from different persons are similar to each other due to variations in illumination, expression, and occlusion. If we have sufficient training images of each person which can span the facial variations of that person under testing conditions, sparse representation based classification (SRC) achieves(More)
We present an oriented holistic feature, namely weighted oriented pixel change history(WOPCH), to describe reciprocating motions and differentiate actions similar in appearance for human action recognition. To construct the oriented representation , we incorporate motion information into pixel change history(PCH) image, through splitting the PCH image into(More)
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