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[Unifying the scaling method of the loss degree of joint motion].
The scaling method of the loss degree of joint motion is very common in clinical forensic medicine. However, there is no uniform criterion until now. Therefore, this had made a negative effect toExpand
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[Advances in research of diagnosis of drowning in forensic medicine].
The current macroscopical and microscopical signs in the fresh drowning victim are non-specific. Moreover, putrefaction will vanish these autopsy findings quite rapidly. The study of additionalExpand
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Numerical investigation of impact injury of a human head during contact interaction with a windshield glazing considering mechanical failure
A finite element head model with detailed biomechanical features is established, whose effectiveness is validated with the aid of experimental and simulation results in literature. Expand
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[The recent development on age estimation].
The main methods of age estimation at present mostly rely on characteristic physical and chemical changes of skeleton, soft tissue, cells, biomacromolecules and the other substances. BecauseExpand
Surgical approaches and their outcome in treatment of fracture and dislocation of the lower cervical spine
Objective To investigate surgical approaches and their effects in treating fracture and dislocation of the lower cervical spine.Methods A retrospective study was performed on data of 68 patients withExpand
Finite element analysis to determine the cause of ring fractures in a motorcyclist's head.
The finite element (FE) method can potentially help in reconstructing skull fracture biomechanisms, enabling differentiation of the injury patterns caused by traffic accidents. This study aims to (1)Expand
[Changes of biomechanical properties of soft tissues in underwater corpse for postmortem interval estimation].
OBJECTIVE To explore the postmortem changes of biomechanical properties of underwater corpses and value for estimating postmortem interval. METHODS SD rats were sacrificed by cervical vertebraExpand
Industrial path analysis for CO2 transfers induced by final consumption: A comparison of the United States and China
Abstract The final consumption of the United States and China strongly affects global greenhouse gas emission. We analyzed the amount of CO2 transfers by the two countries caused by final consumptionExpand
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Topic Modeling of Large Scale Social Text
We propose a dynamic topic modeling method for large-scale text sets is proposed, which is based on the data decomposition and post-clustering method. Expand