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In normal subjects and in patients with spasticity and/or urological complaints changes in somatic muscle reflexes associated with filling of the urinary bladder were observed. Two different patterns of reflex changes occurred. One pattern was associated with easy initiation of voiding: it consisted of increasing H and T reflexes and decreasing flexor(More)
A defective antioxidant scavenging system plays a major role in one of the theories of the pathogenesis of Parkinson's disease. The aim of this study was to investigate whether there is a general difference in antioxidant activity between early and advanced cases of Parkinson's disease. Twenty five recently diagnosed patients, without any clinical(More)
In an open, prospective, randomized, and hospital-based study, comprising 219 consecutive children, 169 were given intermittent prophylaxis for one year, receiving either diazepam or valproic acid after their first febrile convulsion. Children admitted on odd dates (n = 89) were given rectal diazepam in solution every 12 h, whenever the temperature was 38.5(More)
  • E Greve, J Mai
  • 1988
This report concerns three patients with cluster headache-like headaches associated with intracranial pathologic findings. The question whether the occurrence of cluster headache-like headaches may be a symptomatic feature is still not solved. In two of the three presented cases the cluster headache-like headaches disappeared when the intracranial(More)
  • J Mai
  • 1978
In spastic patients the alpha-adrenergic blocking drug thymoxamine (Opilon Forte) was found capable of depressing most propioceptive reflex parameters within 1 min after intravenous administration. The action seems to be of CNS origin, probably exerted as a depression of spindle stretch sensitivity through descending alpha-adrenergic bulbospinal pathways,(More)
We examined occurrence of carpal tunnel syndrome in 48 patients with Down syndrome clinically and electrophysiologically. In the median nerve the distal latency to the abductor pollicis brevis muscle and the distal sensory nerve conduction velocity to digit II and III were recorded. As a control, we examined the ulner nerve. In the median nerve, a distal(More)
Dementia is seen earlier and more often in patients with Down syndrome (DS) than in the general population. Patients with DS develop neuropathological changes similar to the changes seen in dementia of Alzheimer's type (DAT). The literature concerning DAT in DS is reviewed. The clinical course and differential diagnoses are discussed. Before the diagnosis(More)
The mode of action of dantrolene sodium was studied in 11 multiple sclerosis patients with spastic paresis of the legs by measurements of changes in electromyographic and mechanomyographic proprioceptive reflex responses and in voluntary power. Dantrolene sodium 0.5 mg per kg body weight given intravenously clearly reduced monosynaptic reflex twitch(More)