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Risk and benefit assessment of potential neurodevelopmental effect resulting from consumption of marine fish from a coastal archipelago in China.
This study indicates that both consumption scenarios of other studied species would be recommended according to the FAO/WHO approach and Scoliodon sorrakowah would be no recommendation for the reason for carefulness. Expand
Functional analysis of the larval serum protein gene promoter from silkworm Bombyx mori.
The regulation region of larval serum protein gene, Bombyx mori, consisting of the first intron, the first exon, the central promoter region and 5’-upstream region, is cloned from genomic DNA from the silkworm variety of Suju × Minghu to investigate the effects of regulation elements and foreign insect hormones on the promoter activity. Expand
Functional Analysis of Helicase Gene Promoter and Homologous Region 3 Enhancer in Bombyx mori Nuclear Polyhedrosis Virus.
The promoter of the helicase gene, including 510 bp upstream of ATG,was cloned and sequenced, and was found that it had both early and late RNA initiation sites. The initiation codon ATG was deletedExpand
Promoter activities in the baculovirus envelope glycoprotein gp64 gene.
Transient expression assay showed that pBmgp64Luc had high expression levels in permissive Bm-N cells and very low levels in non-permissive Sf-21 cells, while pAcgp 64Luc had relatively high expression Levels, suggesting that BmNPV hr3 plays an important role in co-activation with viral factors onto the gp64 promoter besides the functions of viral DNA origin and enhancer. Expand
Historical changes in seagrass beds in a rapidly urbanizing area of Guangdong Province: Implications for conservation and management
Abstract Rapid urbanization leads to an accelerating decline of seagrass beds. The status of seagrass beds along the entire coastline of a rapidly urbanizing area, Guangdong Province, was examined toExpand
[Fatty acid composition of edible marine fish in Zhoushan, Zhejiang province].
There were significant differences of composition of total lipids and of fatty acids among 31 edible marine fish species from Zhoushan. Expand
Deletion of Superoxide Dismutase Gene of Bombyx mori Nuclear Polyhedrosis Virus Affects Viral DNA Replication
It was discovered that the sod gene was not essential for viral replication, and studies on growth of budded virus in BmN cells and superoxide dismutase and catalase activities in vivo after dsBmNPV infection showed that the titer of dSOD decreased obviously comparing to wild type Bm NPV. Expand
The Ecdysteroid UDP-Glucosyltransferase Gene Promoter from Autographa californica Multicapsid Nucleopolyhedrovirus
The results of transient expression in the Spodoptera frugiperda cell line-21 showed that the transcriptional activity of the AcMNPV egt promoter required the transactivation of viral factor(s) and the property of the promoter was not changed. Expand
[Identification of functional region of helicase gene promoter in Bombyx mori nuclear polyhedrosis virus].
It was found that the helicase gene promoter of Bombyx mori nuclear polyhedrosis virus, including 510 bp upstream of ATG, had both early and late RNA initiation sites and could be recognized by cellular RNA polymerase. Expand
[Expression of phytase gene in Bombyx mori].
The enzymic characteristicses of phytase expressed in baculovirus-expression system were studied and expressed in silkworm larvae and pupae were studied. Expand