Jia-jun Lin

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This paper proposed an image steganalysis scheme based on the differential image histogram in frequency domain. The difference is calculated in three directions, horizontal, vertical and diagonal towards adjacent pixels to obtain threedirectional differential images for a natural image. Then the features for steganalysis are extracted from the DFT of the(More)
This research discusses that, under the fluctuation of the debt ratio, how the financial ratios affect the operational performance, such as rate of return on assets (ROA). The study applies panel data threshold effect model (Hansen, 1999, 2000). The sample is gathered from the annual data of the listed companies in the high-tech industry in America from(More)
The imperceptibility of steganography is one of the most important measures that evaluate the performance of the steganography algorithm. The global evaluation model PSNR which is widely used by most researchers can’t evaluate the performance of steganography algorithm effectively. Lacking of researches on imperceptibility for color stego image is(More)
A novel benchmark for efficiency evaluation of steganalysis is presented in this paper. The efficiency metric reflects the detection accuracy of steganalysis, which is an important index to evaluate the performance of steganalysis schemes. The main idea is to evaluate efficiency in terms of KL divergence between the distributions of cover and stego images.(More)
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