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The expressions of the enzymes participating in the early stage of N-glycan processing, Golgi alpha-Mase-I, alpha-Mase-II and GnT-I, GnT-II, were studied before and after HL-60 cells were differentiated to myelocytes or monocytes induced by ATRA or PMA, respectively. It was found that alpha-Mase-I activity and GnT-I mRNA were decreased by both ATRA and PMA,(More)
The relations between the structure of cell surface N-glycans to cell behaviors were studied in H7721 human hepatocarcinoma cell line, which predominantly expressed complex-type N-glycans on the surface. 1-Deoxymannojirimycin (DMJ) and swaisonine (SW), the specific inhibitor of Golgi α-mannosidase II or I, were selected to block the processing of N-glycans(More)
The expressions of integrin alpha5, beta1, and alpha6 were studied in H7721 cells by means of flow cytometric and RT-PCR method after transfected with sense and antisense cDNA of N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase V (GnT-V). The transfected cells were characterized by Northern blot. It was found that the order of expression from high to low was(More)
According to the characteristics of wind field control system such as delay and uncertainty, hydrodynamics theory and modern control theory are used to design and achieve a practical wind field control system. Firstly, the mathematical model of the wind speed distribution of the system is analyzed from the angle of hydrodynamics. Then the Galerkin method is(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the radiosensitization on the cells of colorectal cancer transfected with recombinant adenovirus vector-mediated wild-type p53. METHODS SW480 cells transfected by wild-type p53 were treated with 4 Gy and 6 Gy radiation. The expression of recombinant adenovirus vector-mediated wild-type p53 gene was detected by Western blotting. The(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the impact of arsenic trioxide (As2O3) on human colorectal carcinoma LS-174T cells and their activity of telomerase. METHODS LS-174T cells and xenograft model of nude mice were treated with As2O3. The inhibitory effect of As2O3 on survival of LS-174T cells was determined by MTT assay. Apoptosis was determined by electron microscopy and(More)
BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVE Cellular FLICE inhibitory protein (cFLIP) plays an important role in cell apoptosis, researches of antisense oligonucleotides (ASODN) of cFLIP gene may provide a new method or protocol for treatment of human gastric cancer. This study was to explore effect of cFLIP ASODN on apoptosis of human gastric cancer cell line BGC823. METHODS(More)
Two female patients with rectal tumor undergoing proctectomy via vagina, namely natural orifice transluminal endoscopic surgery (NOTES), are reported. The operations were performed on June 8 and August 10, 2010, respectively. No Trocar was used in the abdomen except for the transumbilical incision. There were no visible scars in the abdomen. Tubulovillous(More)
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