Jia-Yun Wan

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Low-dimensional carbon nanocomposite-based architectures and anchoring zero-dimensional carbon dots on two-dimensional graphene sheets may provide an important approach to develop energy harvesting and conversion strategies. In this work, as a novel photoelectrode with a high photocurrent response performance based on a composite made with all carbon-based(More)
In this work, alcian blue 8GX (AB), a copper(II) phthalocyanine derivative, was employed to functionalize graphitic carbon nitride (g-C3 N4 ) for the preparation of a highly efficient photocatalyst. The approach relies on a facile AB-assisted ethanol/water mixed-solvent exfoliation of bulk g-C3 N4 . The as-prepared g-C3 N4 /AB hybrid possesses significantly(More)
Highly fluorescent and biocompatible soft materials are desirable for many potential applications, but their synthetic processes are somehow complicated. Herein, we have explored the feasibility of synthesis of unconventional fluorescence soft materials from small organic molecules under mild conditions. A new blue-fluorescent soft material with high(More)
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