Jia-Yu Yang

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The aim of this study was to analyze the general characteristics of children in the pediatric emergency department (PED) who accidentally fall off the crib and to establish useful preventive measures. This prospective research analyzed pediatric patients who accidentally fell off their beds in the observational unit (OU) of the PED from July 2005 to June(More)
OBJECTIVE To study hypoglycemic effects of total flavonoid from Toona sinensis (TSTF) on diabetic mice model. METHODS To confect alloxan 0.02 g/ml with NS and injected alloxan into abdominal cavity to induce diabetic model, and all rats were fed bid with glucose for 2 consecutive days, then the blood glucose was detected by glucose oxidizes, when(More)
Nonorthogonal multiple access (NOMA) transmission is a popular candidate technology for the next generation broadband mobile communication systems because of high spectrum efficiency. In this paper, we proposed two beamforming scheme, namely, matched-to-the-stronger-channel (MSC) beamforming and optimal beamforming schemes for a two-user downlink NOMA(More)
Acid volatile sulfide (AVS) has been regarded as an important factor controlling metal bioavailability in anoxic sediments, but its effect on metal accumulation under natural conditions is poorly understood. Here, a field study of the influence of AVS on metal accumulation by Limnodrilus sp. in a heavily polluted river is provided. Most of the study area(More)
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