Jia-Ying Lin

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BACKGROUND Stem cell therapy has shown great promise for regenerative repair of injured or diseased tissues. Adipose-derived stem cells (ADSCs) have become increasingly attractive candidates for cellular therapy. Magnetic resonance imaging has been proven to be effective in tracking magnetic-labeled cells and evaluating their clinical relevance after cell(More)
The privacy-preserving moving object detection has drawn a lot of interest lately. Nevertheless, current approaches use Paillier’s scheme for encryption that impractical in real-time applications due to high computational complexity. In addition, none of them are fully compatible with popular background modeling methods. In this paper, a fast and secure(More)
Based on the high penetration rate of mobile devices, reducing power consumption for mobile devices have become increasingly important. In current technology, statistics show that the display of the mobile device dominates the major power consumption of the device (e.g., up to 40% of the total power). Therefore, to efficiently reduce the display power(More)
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