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The watershed transform is a popular segmentation method coming from the field of mathematical morphology. In order to solve the over-segmentation of watershed algorithm's applied to medical images, we first transform the original image into a morphological gradient image by using morphology methods and treat it with an opening-closing filter bank to get a(More)
In this paper, we propose a new filtration method, called Transformation-based Database Filtration method (TDF), to screen out those data sequences of a DNA sequence database which cannot satisfy a given query sequence. Our proposed method consists of two phases. First, we divide each data sequence into several windows (blocks), each of which is transformed(More)
We present an improved texture synthesis algorithm over arbitrary surfaces in this paper. The algorithm adopt the searching strategy of restriction degree to compute the texture coordinates of each triangular patch. It reduces the restrictive conditions as searching for the best matching patches and debases the complexity of the algorithm at the same time.(More)
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