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We report polarization coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering (P-CARS) microscopy that allows vibrational imaging with high sensitivity and spectral selectivity. The nonresonant background signals from both Raman scatterers and the solvent are efficiently suppressed in P-CARS microscopy. We demonstrate P-CARS imaging of unstained cells based on the contrast(More)
Drying aqueous suspensions of monodisperse silica nanoparticles can fracture in remarkable patterns. As the material solidifies, evenly spaced cracks invade from the drying surface, with individual cracks undergoing intermittent motion. We show that the growth of cracks is limited by the advancement of the compaction front, which is governed by a balance of(More)
We investigate the dynamics of fracture in drying films of colloidal silica. Water loss quenches the nanoparticle dispersions to form a liquid-saturated elastic network of particles that relieves drying-induced strain by cracking. These cracks display intriguing intermittent motion originating from the deformation of arrested crack tips and aging of the(More)
Quotient space theory of problem solving, a formal model of granular computing, is generalized in the sense that topological structure is replaced by Cech's closure space. Some basic issues of granular computing, such as the representation of real world at different levels of granularity, property preserving and the construction of granular world, are(More)
To detect visual particles in pharmaceutical ampoule on line, a detection algorithm base on machine vision was designed. Firstly, to capture the original image through the camera, and then image technique difference and energy accumulation was used to remove the background noise,therefore the target image only with visual particles and air bubble noise was(More)
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