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—Image formation from squinted sliding spotlight synthetic aperture radar (SAR) is limited by azimuth spectral folding and severe two dimension coupling. This paper presents an Extended Wavenumber Domain Algorithm (WDA) for highly squinted sliding spotlight SAR data processing. This algorithm adopts azimuth deramping approach to overcome the azimuth(More)
—A new detection algorithm based on constant false alarm rate (CFAR) algorithm, which is applicable to radar image with homogeneous background, is proposed in this paper. This algorithm firstly estimates the parameters of the probability model of background accurately. Then a conventional global CFAR is done using the results of estimation. In estimating(More)
The signal detection performance is studied for an on-board switching broadband IP satellite network. The probability of false alarm, miss and early detection is analyzed and simulated using either CFAR or the classic method. The unique word length is 108 symbols and the SNR is Eb/No = 1.8 dB. It is shown that the overall probability of packet loss can be(More)
Bit error rate (BER), which indicates the reliability of communicate channel, is one of the most important values in all kinds of communication system, including intra-body communication (IBC). In order to know more about IBC channel, this paper presents a new method of BER estimation for galvanic-type IBC using experimental eye-diagram and jitter(More)
The physical model of single-ring feedback phase-shift controlling and the model of dual-ring feedback phase-shift controlling are proposed in this text according to the method of chaos feedback phase-shift for dual-ring erbium-doped fiber laser. On this basis, the output of system was simulated by computer. After synthetically analyzing the simulating(More)
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