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Camera calibration is a significant process not only for photography but also for computer vision. The accuracy and stability of the camera calibration methods directly affect the whole vision system. In the past few years, a series of methods for camera calibration have been researched. In this paper, these methods are reviewed, analyzed and compared for(More)
Whether, when, and how do small firms innovate with IT? To address this question, we apply the concept of mindful innovation to a case study of a small independent restaurant that adopted, implemented, and used OpenTable, an online reservation system. Combining first-hand experience, interviews, and observation, we present a live adventure this restaurant(More)
This paper describes our systems for expression-level and message-level sentiment analysis – two subtasks of SemEval-2015 Task 10 on sentiment analysis in Twitter. First we built two baseline systems for the two sub-tasks using SVM with a variety of features. Then we improved the systems through model iteration and probability-output weighting respectively.(More)
Nitrogen is an essential nutrient element in crop photosynthesis and yield improvement. Thus, it is urgent and important to accurately estimate the leaf nitrogen contents (LNC) of crops for precision nitrogen management. Based on the correlation between LNC and reflectance spectra, the hyperspectral LiDAR (HSL) system can determine three-dimensional(More)
The abilities of multispectral LiDAR (MSL) as a new high-potential active instrument for remote sensing have not been fully revealed. This study demonstrates the potential of using the spectral and spatial features derived from a novel MSL to discriminate surface objects. Data acquired with the MSL include distance information and the intensities of four(More)