Jia-Song Teng

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The present study investigated the characteristic features of cancer stem cells (CSCs) using an aggressive human osteosarcoma cell line OS-65. Hoechst 33342 dye exclusion was used to distinguish the cancer stem-like side population (SP) cells from OS-65 cells. Furthermore, the SP cells were characterized via chemoresistance and cell death assays, reverse(More)
Osteosarcoma (OS) is the most common bone cancer with a great tendency for local invasion and distant metastasis. Restricted by the severe toxicity of conventional drugs, the therapeutic challenge of osteosarcoma still remains unconquered. The objective of the present research work was to investigate the antiproliferative activity of wogonoside against(More)
The present study was aimed to investigate the effect of tumstatin on inhibition of proliferation and induction of apoptosis in Saos-2 human osteosarcoma cells and to understand the mechanism involved. Inhibition of cell proliferation was analyzed by MTT assay and induction of apoptosis through nuclear fragmentation assay. Viability of Saos-2 cells was(More)
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