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Iron excess is closely associated with tumorigenesis in multiple types of human cancers, with underlying mechanisms yet unclear. Recently, iron deprivation has emerged as a major strategy for chemotherapy, but it exerts tumor suppression only on select human malignancies. Here, we report that the tumor suppressor protein p53 is downregulated during iron(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Ischemic postconditioning has been found to decrease brain infarct area and spinal cord ischemic injury. In this study, we tested the hypothesis that ischemic postconditioning reduces global cerebral ischemia/reperfusion-induced structural and functional injury in rats. METHODS Ten-minute global ischemia was induced by 4-vessel(More)
This paper presents the evaluation results of two student surveys on a collaborative examination process using ALN for a graduate-level course at NJIT. The exam process includes students making up questions, picking out questions, answering, grading, and appealing the grades. The process was conducted on the Virtual Classroom and Webboard during the fall(More)
A rat model of depression has been recently developed by exogenous corticosterone administration. In this study, we further determined whether corticosterone administration also increased depression-like behavior in mice and explored the brain biochemical consequences of exposure to this administration paradigm. Mice received repeated injections of vehicle(More)
Online courses make possible new forms of working and learning together that would be difficult or impossible to use in the classroom-based course. This paper presents field evaluation results comparing the traditional in-class examination and the collaborative online examination using asynchronous learning networks (ALN) in a graduate-level course in a(More)
  • Jia Shen, Michael Bieber Starr, Roxanne Hiltz
  • 2005
This paper presents longitudinal evaluation results for an online participatory examination process in an information systems course over three semesters. The exam process includes students making up questions, answering other students' questions, grading answers to questions they author, and appealing the grades. The surveys following each exam elicited(More)
This study examines how the increasing number of new mobile devices that enable rich in situ information capture can be utilized to improve knowledge management practices. An ethnographic study is being conducted of a heating and cooling services company focusing on the exchange of case stories. With knowledge gained from this study a prototype system is(More)
China is one of the fastest developing countries in the world. Rapid economic progress has resulted in changes to both diet and physical activity. New found prosperity, increased urban migration, and the adoption of sedentary lifestyles by an aging Chinese population have resulted in a dramatic shift in disease burden-from infectious to chronic. Modern(More)
—This paper presents the results of a field experiment on online examinations facilitated by collaboration support systems. In particular, it examines collaborative learning and virtual teams through online examinations as an assessment procedure, compared to traditional examinations. Assessment is increasingly regarded as an important part of the learning(More)