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We present a new method of segmentation in which images are segmented by partitions with connected components. For this, rst we deene two diierent types of neighborhoods on the space of partitions with connected components of a general graph; neighborhoods of the rst type are simple but small, while those of the second type are large but complex; second, we(More)
Toona microcarpa Harms is a tonic, antiperiodic, antirheumatic, and antithrombotic agent in China and India and an astringent and tonic for treating diarrhea, dysentery, and other intestinal infections in Indonesia. In this study, we prepared ethyl-acetate extract from the air-dried leaves of Toona microcarpa Harms and investigated the anticoagulant(More)
As a major alternative therapy in Traditional Chinese Medicine, it has been demonstrated that moxibustion could generate a series of molecular events in blood, spleen, and brain, and so forth. However, what would happen at the moxibustioned site remained unclear. To answer this question, we performed a microarray analysis with skin tissue taken from the(More)