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ProBDNF and Mature BDNF as Punishment and Reward Signals for Synapse Elimination at Mouse Neuromuscular Junctions
In vivo evidence is obtained that proBDNF and mature BDNF play roles in synapse elimination and a model in which proBD NF and mBDNF serve as potential “punishment” and “reward” signals for inactive and active terminals, respectively, in vivo is proposed.
Mfsd2a Is a Transporter for the Essential ω-3 Fatty Acid Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) in Eye and Is Important for Photoreceptor Cell Development*
It is demonstrated that Mfsd2a is highly expressed in retinal pigment epithelium in embryonic eye, before the development of photoreceptors, and is the primary site of MfsD2a expression in the eye.
The lysolipid transporter Mfsd2a regulates lipogenesis in the developing brain
It is demonstrated that Mfsd2a is uniquely required postnatally at the blood-brain barrier for normal brain growth and DHA accretion, with DHA deficiency preceding the onset of microcephaly.