Jia-Ming Zhang

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Vehicular Ad Hoc Network (VANET) is characterized by high speed, high efficient addressing mechanism is required for vehicles to access to Internet or communicate with each other for some practical or emergent information. The existing methods of addressing for VANET usually do not cope with instant IP address assignment and recycling. This paper proposed(More)
Efficient and accurate sensor deployment is a critical requirement for the development of wireless sensor networks. Recently, distributed energy-efficient self-deployment algorithms, such as the intelligent deployment and clustering algorithm (IDCA) and the distributed self-spreading algorithm (DSSA), have been proposed to offer almost uniform distribution(More)
Rapid growth in sensor technology and wireless communication has led to the development of wireless sensor networks (WSNs). Due to cost and environment concerns, the battery of sensor is not always rechargeable particularly when the network operates in an inhospitable or hostile field. This study proposed a Lifetime-Extended Uniform Distribution (LEUD)(More)
Rapid advances in sensor technology and wireless communications have led to the development of wireless sensor networks (WSNs). However, the sensor nodes in WSNs have a finite lifetime since it is often impractical, or even impossible, to recharge their batteries once they have been deployed. When the energy of a sensor node has been fully consumed, it can(More)
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