Jia-Ling Yu

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Adult hippocampal neurogenesis plays important roles in learning, memory and mood regulation. External factors, such as physical exercise, have been found to modulate adult hippocampal neurogenesis. Voluntary running enhances cell proliferation in subgranular zone (SGZ) and increases the number of new born neurons in rodents, but underlying mechanisms are(More)
In this report, we investigated the pathophysiology of a novel hypertension-associated mitochondrial tRNA(Ala) 5655A → G (m.5655A → G) mutation. The destabilization of a highly conserved base pairing (A1-U72) at the aminoacyl acceptor stem by an m.5655A → G mutation altered the tRNA(Ala) function. An in vitro processing analysis showed that the m.5655A → G(More)
Adult hippocampal neurogenesis is crucial for preserving normal brain function, but how it is regulated by niche cells is uncertain. Here we show that β-arrestin 1 (β-arr1) in dentate gyrus (DG) regulates neural precursor proliferation. β-arr1 knockout (KO) mice show reduced neural precursor proliferation in subgranular zone (SGZ) which could be rescued by(More)
Aminoglycosides as modifying factors modulated the phenotypic manifestation of mitochondrial rRNA mutations and the incomplete penetrance of hearing loss. In this report, using cybrids harboring the m.1494C>T mutation, we showed that gentamycin aggravated mitochondrial dysfunction in a combination of the m.1494C>T mutation. The m.1494C>T mutation was(More)
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