Jia-Liang Chen

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A step-impedance bandpass filter is presented for multimode wireless LANs. The filter has a new dual-band feature of two tunable passbands at desired frequencies and high out-of-band suppression, generated by incorporating step-impedance resonators in a comb-filter topology. It saves more than half the circuit size compared with the switch-type dual-band(More)
A 2.4 GHz/5.2 GHz self-biased dual band CMOS driver amplifier with a 9.8-dBm output power using TSMC 0.18-/spl mu/m 1P6M standard CMOS process is described. The CMOS amplifier designed on Rogers RO4003 printed-circuit-board (PCB) with a single input and a single output signal chain is simultaneously optimized for wireless local area network (WLAN) 2.4(More)
A highly integrated 2.4-GHz class F power amplifier using TSMC 0.35mum 3P3M standard SiGe BiCMOS process is presented. This amplifier integrates both the input matching network and output fundamental and third harmonic loading networks onto the chip. Additional fine tuning output circuit is implemented outside the chip for some flexibility. Measurement(More)
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