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Improvement and application of a competitive ELISA for detection of metallothionein in human urine.
[Objective]To improve and apply the competitive ELISA method for measuring human urinary metallothionein(UMT).[ Methods] Human metallothionein(MT)was isolated from an adult liver by SephadexG-75 andExpand
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Relationship of subclasses of serum HDL and Apo A-I gene polymorphism in hyperlipidemia
AIM: To investigate apolipoprotein A-Ⅰ gene (Apo A-Ⅰ) polymorphism and its relationship with serum HDL subclasses in patients with hyperlipidemia (HL). METHODS: Apo A-Ⅰ genotype was assayed byExpand
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Comprehensive multiomics analysis of the effect of ginsenoside Rb1 on hyperlipidemia.
We analyzed the effects of ginsenoside Rb1 on hyperlipidemic in model mice. Using stool, plasma and hepatic tissue samples, we observed that the genera Blautia and Allobaculum were increased andExpand
Practice and Investigate of Teaching by Two Languages of Biochemistry
This passage explained the connotation and practice of teaching by two languages of biochemistry,and formulated measures in the feature correspond to the existing problems. To cultivate youngExpand
Effection of Flash on the Practice of Biochemistry Teaching
A lot of teachers who working at colleges and universities were using Power Point.However,many of them are recognizing that flash is much better than Power Point.Therefore,based on the practice ofExpand