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Proteome analysis of pear reveals key genes associated with fruit development and quality
This study is the first to reveal protein and associated mRNA variations in pear during fruit development and quality conformation, and identify key genes and proteins helpful for future functional genomics studies, and provides gene resources for improvement of pear quality.
[Effects of day and night temperature difference on growth, development, yield and fruit quality of tomatoes].
DIF should not be very great in the seedling period of tomatoes, and a moderate DIF in flower and fruit periods could improve the yield and fruit quality, but a too high DIF would result in poor growth and yield reduction.
Development Zero Temperature and Effective Accumulated Temperature of A.deserticola Weise
A.deserticola Weise may fulfill 2~3 generations in a year according to the effective accumulated temperature in Dongsheng area based on the development zero temperature and effective accumulated temperatures tested at laboratory.