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Ascorbic Acid Prevents Blood–Brain Barrier Disruption and Sensory Deficit Caused by Sustained Compression of Primary Somatosensory Cortex
Transient compression of rat somatosensory cortex has been reported to affect cerebral microvasculature and sensory function simultaneously. However, the effects of long-term cortical compressionExpand
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Remote ischemic preconditioning improves post resuscitation cerebral function via overexpressing neuroglobin after cardiac arrest in rats
In this study, we investigated the effects of remote ischemic preconditioning on post resuscitation cerebral function in a rat model of cardiac arrest and resuscitation. The animals were randomizedExpand
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Lactulose and Melibiose Attenuate MPTP-Induced Parkinson’s Disease in Mice by Inhibition of Oxidative Stress, Reduction of Neuroinflammation and Up-Regulation of Autophagy
Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a common neurodegenerative disease characterized by the progressive loss of dopaminergic (DAergic) neurons in the ventral brain. A disaccharide trehalose has demonstratedExpand