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Our work evaluates the use of software-defined networking (SDN) for reliable communication. Reliable communication has become an important topic in many areas, including energy communication networks or, more generally, automation control networks. Electrical grids are developing into smart grids, which depend heavily on reliability, robustness and(More)
To reveal and evaluate the efficacy and safety of intensive statin therapy in older patients (age ≥ 65 years) with coronary heart disease (CHD). Electronic databases were searched for randomized controlled trials (RCTs) that involved intensive statin therapy use in older patients with CHD. Data was extracted and used to calculate risk ratios (RR) by(More)
If robots are deployed in large numbers in disaster scenarios, the ability to discover and exchange resources and services with other robots in an open, heterogeneous, large-scale network would be essential for a successful operation. In this paper we present a discovery protocol that enables robots to efficiently locate resources and services available in(More)
This paper presents a tool, one component of the Telework-bench system, for analyzing experiments in multi-robotics. The proposed tool combines the video taken by a web cam monitoring the field where the experiment runs and some computer generated visual objects representing important events and information as well as robots' behavior into one interactive(More)
A highly available and secure communication infrastructure is one of the major prerequisites for modern power systems. In this paper we evaluate the use of a software-defined networking infrastructure in the domain of energy communication networks. The advantages and potential risks of using software-defined networking at the current stage of development in(More)
This paper describes a tool for analyzing robotic experiments. The proposed tool uses the MPEG-4 standard to visualize information acquired during an experiment. To provide a sense of reality, we use a video taken by an overhead webcam monitoring the field where the experiment runs. On top of the video, we generate some synthetic objects representing(More)
If robots are deployed in large numbers in our environment in future, collaboration between the presumably specialized robots will be essential for a successful operation. The robots will set up mobile ad-hoc networks for communication and efficient routing and discovery protocols for such robot networks will provide the basic layer for a successful(More)
In this paper we present a proof-of-concept implementation to demonstrate advantages of applying software-defined networking (SDN) to real-time Ethernet (RTE) networks. Potential advantages include the support of arbitrary network topologies, central and dynamic network (re-)configurations, the efficient use of bandwidth, and fast failover mechanisms at(More)