Jia-Kai Zhou

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The bcl2 promoter region forms a G-quadruplex structure, which is a crucial target for anticancer drug development. In this study, we provide theoretical predictions of the stability of different G-quadruplex folds of the 23-mer bcl2 promoter region and G-quadruplex ligand. We take into account the whole G-quadruplex structure, including bound-cations and(More)
G-quadruplexes are attractive drug targets in cancer therapy. Understanding the mechanisms of the binding-unbinding processes involving biomolecules and molecular recognition is essential for designing new drugs of G-quadruplexes. We performed steered molecular dynamics and umbrella sampling simulations to investigate the molecular mechanism and kinetics of(More)
Der p 7 is an important house dust mite allergen. However, antigenic determinants of Der p 7 are largely unknown. The purpose of this study is to analyze the determinants of Der p 7 and determine the structural basis of interactions between Der p 7 and WH9, an IgE-binding inhibition mouse monoclonal antibody (MoAb). IgE and WH9-reactive determinant(s) was(More)
BACKGROUND Der f 7 and Der p 7 are important house dust mite allergens. An IgE-binding inhibition monoclonal antibody WH9 reacts ten folds stronger against Der p 7 than to Der f 7. The purpose of this study is to identify the antigenic determinant(s) and the structural basis of Der f 7 recognize by WH9. METHODS WH9-reactive determinant(s) on Der f 7 was(More)
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