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This paper discusses a new criterion for allocation of required capital. This criterion is uniformly applicable to financial enterprises of all types. A completely natural rule for allocating capital to business units is described. This rule allocates capital in a way that is invariant over the method of decomposing the enterprise into business units.(More)
To investigate whether the ROCK pathway is involved in thrombin-induced microglial inflammatory response, thrombin-induced microglia were pretreated with the thrombin inhibitor argatroban or a ROCK inhibitor Y-27632. Microglial inflammatory response was evaluated by phagocytosis of fluorescein labeled latex beads analyses and inflammatory mediators'(More)
The Lyman–Kutcher–Burman (LKB) normal tissue complication probability (NTCP) model is often used to estimate the damage level to normal tissue. However, it does not manifestly involve the influence of radiosensitivity parameters. This work replaces the generalized mean equivalent uniform dose (gEUD) with the equivalent uniform dose (EUD) in the LKB model to(More)
A class of Soblove type multivariate function is approximated by feedforward network with one hidden layer of sigmoidal units and a linear output. By adopting a set of orthogonal polynomial basis and under certain assumptions for the governing activation functions of the neural network, the upper bound on the degree of approximation can be obtained for the(More)
Some problems occur during the course of applying CAI technology in industrial design. This paper analysis the existing problems and explores the way to solve them. It is unavoidable to teach the industrial design class under the support of CAI technology. It should avoid applying the multimedia technology in wrong area and making use of the specialty of(More)
The English-Chinese bilingual teaching in the physics experiment course is a significant approach to foster innovational talents in the new century in China. The applicability and feasibility of bilingual teaching in the course of physics experiment and the obstacles facing in the process of implementation are discussed. Various approaches and methods to(More)
—In Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy static intensity modulation delivery, leaf sequencing is basically a process where the intensity map is broken down into subfields or segments that can be implemented by multileaf collimators. The purpose of this study was to investigate a new method to improve the Langer's integer programming model. The method is(More)
—Due to the requirement of the inverse planning process, TPS(treatment planning system) of IMRT (Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy) needs accurate dose calculation method with high speed. A superposition /convolution algorithm for photon beams is presented in this paper based on Monte Carlo calculation. The dose distribution can be calculated by the(More)
—Based on the dose distribution results under the condition of vertical incident beam by finite-size Pencil Beam (fsPB) matrix model using Monte Carlo simulation, this paper introduces the means of coordinate transformation, which can transform the dose distribution from the condition of vertical incident to the arbitrary collimator rotational angel. The(More)