Jia-Jhe Li

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As transistors keep shrinking and on-chip data caches keep growing, static power dissipation due to leakage of caches takes an increasing fraction of total power in processors. Several techniques have already been proposed to reduce leakage power by turning off unused cache lines. However, they all have to pay the price of performance degradation. This(More)
Markov random field models provide a robust formulation of low-level vision problems. Among all these problems, stereo vision remains the most investigated field. The belief propagation (BP) method provides accurate result in stereo vision problems. However, the algorithm remains slow for practical use. This paper describes a case study on the(More)
— Effective address calculation for load and store instructions needs to compete for ALU with other instructions and hence extra latencies might be incurred to data cache accesses. Fast address generation is an approach proposed to reduce cache access latencies. This paper presents a fast address generator that can eliminate most of the effective address(More)