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Calorie restriction (CR), the only non-genetic intervention known to slow aging and extend life span in organisms ranging from yeast to mice, has been linked to the down-regulation of Tor, Akt, and Ras signaling. In this study, we demonstrate that the serine/threonine kinase Rim15 is required for yeast chronological life span extension caused by(More)
Halonitromethanes (HNMs) are highly cyto- and genotoxic nitrogenous disinfection by-products (DBPs) that have been detected in some water distribution systems. In this study, a systematic investigation was conducted to examine the formation potential of HNMs in drinking waters under different oxidation conditions. Formation potential tests of samples(More)
One-Class Collaborative Filtering (OCCF) is an emerging setup in collaborative filtering in which only positive examples or implicit feedback can be observed. Compared with the traditional collaborative filtering setting where the data has ratings, OCCF is more realistic in many scenarios when no ratings are available. In this paper, we propose to improve(More)
Mutations in RAD51 gene are believed to be associated with elevated breast cancer risk. However, several case–control studies focusing on the association between RAD51 135G>C and breast cancer risk failed to achieve consensus. To clarify the effect of RAD51 135G>C polymorphism on breast cancer, a meta-analysis was performed. By searching PubMed and EMBASE,(More)
A bench-scale study was performed to investigate formation and speciation of halonitromethanes (HNMs) in raw and treated waters obtained from a drinking water treatment plant. HNM species were measured after chlorination, ozonation-chlorination, chloramination, and ozonation-chloramination, and compared with trihalomethanes (THMs). Pre-ozonation before(More)
Methionine synthase reductase (MTRR) is one of the important enzymes involved in the folate metabolic pathway and its functional genetic polymorphisms may be associated with breast cancer risk. However, this relationship remains inconclusive. For better understanding the effect of MTRR A66G polymorphism on breast cancer risk, a meta-analysis was performed.(More)
Oncogenes contribute to tumorigenesis by promoting growth and inhibiting apoptosis. Here we examine the function of Sch9, the Saccharomyces cerevisiae homologue of the mammalian Akt and S6 kinase, in DNA damage and genomic instability during aging in nondividing cells. Attenuation of age-dependent increases in base substitutions, small DNA(More)
(WLANs). Analytical models of EDCA in the current literature have been mainly developed for the AIFS, CW, and TXOP schemes, separately. This study proposes a comprehensive analytical model to accommodate the combination of these three QoS schemes in WLANs under unsaturated traffic loads. We derive the performance metrics in terms of throughput, end-to-end(More)
*Understanding controls over plant-atmosphere CO(2) exchange is important for quantifying carbon budgets across a range of spatial and temporal scales. In this study, we used a simple approach to estimate whole-tree CO(2) assimilation rate (A(Tree)) in a subalpine forest ecosystem. *We analysed the carbon isotope ratio (delta(13)C) of extracted needle(More)
Introduction The promotion of return to work (RTW) following occupational injury benefits injured workers, their families, enterprises and the society. The identification of the potential determinants would be helpful in improving RTW rate and minimizing the duration of absenteeism following injury. Objectives The aim of the study was to identify the(More)