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Oxidative stress has been postulated to play an important role in the pathogenesis of asthma; although a defect in antioxidant responses has been speculated to exacerbate asthma severity, this has been difficult to demonstrate with certainty. Nuclear erythroid 2 p45-related factor 2 (Nrf2) is a redox-sensitive basic leucine zipper transcription factor that(More)
Tiling has proven to be an effective mechanism to develop high performance implementations of algorithms. Tiling can be used to organize computations so that communication costs in parallel programs are reduced and locality in sequential codes or sequential components of parallel programs is enhanced.In this paper, a data type - Hierarchically Tiled Arrays(More)
A social internet of things (IoT) system can be viewed as a mix of traditional peer-to-peer networks and social networks, where “things” autonomously establish social relationships according to the owners' social networks, and seek trusted “things” that can provide services needed when they come into contact with each other(More)
Chemotherapy for brain glioma has been of limited value due to the inability of transport of drug across the blood-brain barrier (BBB) and poor penetration of drug into the tumor. For overcoming these hurdles, the dual-targeting daunorubicin liposomes were developed by conjugating with p-aminophenyl-alpha-D-manno-pyranoside (MAN) and transferrin (TF) for(More)
While transport of RNA-binding protein HuR from nucleus to cytoplasm is emerging as a key regulatory step for HuR function, the mechanisms underlying this process remain poorly understood. Here, we report that the AMP-activated kinase (AMPK), an enzyme involved in responding to metabolic stresses, potently regulates the levels of cytoplasmic HuR. Inhibition(More)
Chemotherapy of brain tumors remains a big challenge owing to the low drug transport across the blood-brain barrier (BBB), multidrug resistance (MDR), and poor penetration into the tumor tissue. We developed a novel dual-targeting liposomal carrier that enabled drug to transport across the BBB and then target the brain tumor. In the dual-targeting liposomal(More)
BACKGROUND The number of randomized controlled trials (RCTs) of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is increasing. However, there have been few systematic assessments of the quality of reporting of these trials. OBJECTIVE This study was undertaken to evaluate the quality of reporting of RCTs in TCM journals published in mainland China from 1999 to 2004. (More)
Acute mountain sickness (AMS) is a common condition occurring within hours of rapid exposure to high altitude. Despite its frequent occurrence, the pathophysiological mechanisms that underlie the condition remain poorly understood. We investigated the role of cerebral oxygen metabolism (CMR(O(2))) in AMS. The purpose of this study was to test 1) if(More)
— An Internet of Things (IoT) system connects a large amount of tags, sensors, and mobile devices to facilitate information sharing, enabling a variety of attractive applications. It challenges the design and evaluation of IoT systems to meet the scalability, compatibility, extendibility, dynamic adaptability and resiliency requirements. In this paper, we(More)
A new MRI technique to map the oxygenation of venous blood is presented. The method uses velocity-selective excitation and arterial nulling pulses, combined with phase sensitive signal detection to isolate the venous blood signal. T₂ of this signal along with a T₂-Y calibration curve yields estimates of venous oxygenation in situ. Results from phantoms and(More)