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Anthropometric data on the proximal tibia and distal femur of 172 normal knees (94 male knees, 78 female knees) were obtained using three dimensional computer tomographic measurements. We measured the tibial mediolateral (tML) and tibial anteroposterior (tAP) dimension in resected proximal tibia surface, femoral mediolateral (fML) and femoral(More)
An efficient and reliable a posteriori error estimate is derived for linear parabolic equations which does not depend on any regularity assumption on the underlying elliptic operator. An adaptive algorithm with variable time-step sizes and space meshes is proposed and studied which, at each time step, delays the mesh coarsening until the final iteration of(More)
Nedd1 is a new member of the gamma-tubulin ring complex (gammaTuRC) and targets the gammaTuRC to the centrosomes for microtubule nucleation and spindle assembly in mitosis. Although its role is known, its functional regulation mechanism remains unclear. Here we report that the function of Nedd1 is regulated by Cdk1 and Plk1. During mitosis, Nedd1 is firstly(More)
Auditory brainstem electric response (ABR) and somatosensory evoked potential (SEP) of 21 subjects (41 ears) among villagers in a rare earth element (REE) area in Gan County, Jiangxi, China, were studied. No difference in ABR between the subjects from the REE area and the control group was noted. However, the conduction detected by SEP from the median nerve(More)
BACKGROUND Endoscopic ultrasonography (EUS) is not traditionally thought to be clinically applicable in liver imaging. EUS-guided fine-needle aspiration of the liver has not been well described. METHODS A prospective study was conducted in which 574 consecutive patients with a history or suspicion of gastrointestinal or pulmonary malignant tumor(More)
Blood analyses for rare-earth element (REE)-high background regions in South Jiangxi show that the population averages of many of the biochemical indices deviate markedly from normal values in the normal region. These deviations are thought to be caused by prolonged intake of REE through food chains in view of that the toxicity of other harmful metals such(More)
Atypical cadherin Celsr3, a regulator of planar cell polarity, is critical for the development of the axonal blueprint. We previously showed that expression of Celsr3 is necessary to establish forebrain connections such as the anterior commissure and thalamocortical and corticospinal tracts. The requirement for Celsr3 during hippocampal wiring and its(More)
Celsr3 and Fzd3, members of "core planar cell polarity" (PCP) genes, were shown previously to control forebrain axon guidance and wiring by acting in axons and/or guidepost cells. Here, we show that Celsr2 acts redundantly with Celsr3, and that their combined mutation mimics that of Fzd3. The phenotypes generated upon inactivation of Fzd3 in different(More)
To fix CO2 emissions efficiently from flue gas of coal-fired power plants, the culture medium, light intensity and bioreactors were comprehensively optimized in the process of CO2 fixation by Chlorella PY-ZU1. To make up for relative insufficiency of nutrients (except for the carbon source) resulting from continuous bubbling of 15% CO2, three chemicals were(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to evaluate several polymer carriers with regard to the bioavailability enhancement of bifendate solid dispersions (SD) prepared by hot-melt extrusion (HME) and select the most appropriate polymer carrier. METHODS Solid dispersions containing bifendate in different polymers, including Plasdone(®) S-630, Eudragit(®) EPO(More)