Jia-Feng Jiang

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This study investigated the effect of calcium nutrition on tomato bacterial wilt caused by Ralstonia solanacearum and the regulation of resistance mechanisms. Plants cultured in nutrient solution with calcium concentrations of 0.5, 5.0, and 25.0 mM, were inoculated with R. solanacearum by the root dip method. Severity of disease development, Ca(More)
A Class-G headphone amplifier for Hi-Fi audio playback with high immunity to supply disturbance and Class-G switching noise is presented that achieves 130dB PSRR at 217Hz and higher than 100dB PSRR up to 20kHz. In addition, a Class-G amplifier with load-adaptive voltage supply rails selection and Class-G switching scheme improves the power efficiency for(More)
This paper presents a load-adaptive Class-G headphone amplifier to improve the power efficiency for different headphone impedances. For an impedance value, the amplifier utilizes two techniques, voltage rails selection and Class-G switching activity control, to reduce the power dissipation of the amplifier and the power loss of a Class-G power generator,(More)
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